We are a community center that grew out of, El Redentor Mexico City, with the purpose of serving the Azcapotzalco area through the different gifts God has given to us.





Dina AVendaño

Dental Clinic


sergio garcía

Carpentry Workshop


Martha Tellez

MiJes (Ministerio Jesús Salvando)

Ministerio con personas en situación de calle


Zuriel rangel



We believe that the implications of the gospel not only bring a profound personal salvation experience, but they also bring the advancement of the Kingdom of God. In other words, God’s plan to restore his creation through Christ Jesus.

The idea of starting the community center began after three years of ministry with marginalized people in the Roma-Condesa area. We think that in order to keep the people off of the streets they need a place where they are able to learn new habits that will help them keep a job and a place where they would be able to be discipled in the Christian faith. At the same time, we want to create a place that is also able to serve the community that surrounds us by providing services for people that have other needs. For this reason, we decided to also open a dental clinic and a family counseling office.

Our objective is to serve a new community in the Azcapotzalco area and from this service build new relationships to begin a new church.

Please, help us in praying for:

  • A good team of volunteers for the different services we offer.

  • True health for the people that are recuperating from addictions

  • New relationships that are able to open opportunities for evangelism in the Azcapotzalco area

  • Zuriel and Dina Rangel, who will be administering the Community Center, and will plant the new church in 2020.


Calle Norte 79-B, número 261 int “A”, colonia Libertad, C.P. 02050, Delegación Azcapotzalco, Ciudad de México.


Carpentry Workshop


Our workshop consists of training and providing spaces for the basic vocational training of marginalized people in poverty situations by crafting wooden products. The intention of this workshop is to connect those in vulnerable situations to our volunteers. The volunteers are there for the purpose of encouraging, supervising and accompanying the marginalized throughout the entire process. The crafted products are sold and distributed through the internet with the purpose of rewarding their hard work at a worthy price, while also covering the costs of operations and supplying new materials.

Currently, we craft wooden decorative lamps and kitchen accessories.



Dental Clinic


We provide dental consultation and treatments at low cost or free for the general public. We give priority to people who would not normally have access to these services for economic reasons. The community center comes with an equipped dental clinic and professionals who volunteer their time with us. We offer specialized services within the fields of endodontics, periodontology and pediatric dentistry.




We provide personal and family counseling sessions with the purpose of responding to the problems and questions we all face by way of the wisdom of the Word of God and the true transforming power of the Gospel. These sessions are offered completely free.


English Circles


We coordinate weekly English Circles especially focused on helping university students better their language abilities in a practical and consistent manner. This service is provided in collaboration with Avance Mexico.



Cooking Workshop


This workshop provides cooking lessons and space for work development opportunities by producing meals. The products are sold and eaten by the attendees of the workshop.



Know our producs

Our official store is on Amazon. You can access our Amazon page from here by clicking on any of the lamps, or by entering the following link:

Each purchase that you make represents better opportunities for the workshop participants. Each participant is able to receive just pay for their work, and through your purchases you help make the workshops self-sustainable.

Be A Part

In the Community Center El Redentor we have four ways that you are able to help. We look to connect with people that can make our city flourish while we build community. You are able to be a part of this project and here we will tell you how.



There are four ways in which you are able to be a part of the Centro Comunitario El Redentor. We have designed a model that connects the volunteers with the participants to create movement of The Good News in our city. Throughout the following section we will explain the four ways you can be a part:


Volunteers are people who want to invest their time and abilities to accompany the participants in one of the workshops. We believe that change occurs best through accompaniment and that is how we like to celebrate the changes - by creating community. This form of service connects the people that have available time, abilities, and resources to service to others.

You can subscribe by following this link:



Donors are people that have the ability to financially contribute to the sustainability and betterment of Centro Comunitario. Centro Comunitario is projected to be self-sustainable. That is to say, it will be able to cover all costs of operation but at the same time, we want to always offer the best prices, materials, and support to those that collaborate with us.

This is why donations will always be well received. If you are interested you can write us here:



Participants are those that have not had the opportunities, abilities or context needed for self development, but have a genuine interest in transforming their current situation. The first step for all participants is to connect with MiJeS (Jesus Saving Ministry from El Redentor). This allows for an admission process to take place later.

They are participants because they actively participate throughout the entire process of social reintegration and restoration. Our dream is that each participant is able to become a volunteer in the future.


Clients are people that purchase the products or services that Centro Comunitario offers. Clients are key in this process. We believe that they are not only paying for a product or service of quality but they are also contributing for this movement to grow and replicate itself. For each purchase that takes place a part goes directly to benefit a participant.

We are not merely a carpentry store, nor just a dental clinic nor just a restaurant. We are inspired by seeing people flourish and that in turn makes our city and communities grow larger.